5 locals songs to dedicate to your mum on Mother’s Day

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Can’t afford a gift for Mother’s Day? Present her with the gift of song.

Here are our picks of songs by local artistes that shine the spotlight on mothers.

1. Untukmu Ibu by Exist

This is a classic by rock band Exist. It’s a heartbreaking rock ballad that will make you appreciate your mum while she’s still around. For those who have lost their loved ones, this song is a real tearjerker.

Present her this line: Oh! Ibu/ Kau kasih sejati/Kutaburkan doa/Untukmu ibu

2. Airmata Ibu by Datuk Siti Nurhaliza

What’s a local song list without a tune by the award-winning Datuk Siti Nurhaliza? In this song, Siti sings about the hardship and sacrifices a mum makes for her child. It’s a contemplative number that will get you thinking and crying.

Present her with this line: Pengorbanan yang kau lakukan/Untuk dewasakanku/Hanya bisa ditangguing oleh hati ibu

3. Mama’s Boy by SonaOne

In this catchy autobiographical song, SonaOne pays tribute to his mum. It’s a cheerful, celebratory number that will get you and your mum dancing in no time.

Present her with this line: Superwoman in the flesh, that’s my Mama

4. Ibu by Tan Sri P. Ramlee

How about the majestic voice of Tan Sri P. Ramlee to make mum proud on Mother’s Day? This song was performed by the actor in the movie 1953 movie Ibu. He played an aspiring musician who just wants to make his blind mother (Neng Yatimah) proud. You may remember this song from a nostalgic milk advertisement in the 1990s.

Present her with this line: Ibu, ibu/Engkaulah ratu hatiku

5. Bulanku by Sekumpulan Orang Gila

This gentle number by rock band Sekumpulan Orang Gila touches on the inevitability of life that our loved ones will go away forever some day. It’s sombre number that ends on a hopeful note that one day, people will be reunited with their loved ones in a better place. Bulanku can also serve as a reminder to be there for your mum whenever you can.

Present her with this line: Kan ku selalu sebut nama mu, didalam ingatan dan doaku/Aku yakin, disana kita kan bertemu

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mums out there!


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