This indie band is reviewing eateries it visits in the US

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Indie rock trio Lo Moon is doing a solid for future touring bands in the US – reviewing the food options on the road on Yelp as the members make their way northeast for a series of live dates.

Matt Lowell, Crisanta Baker and Sam Stewart (son of Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart) comprise the Los Angeles-based synth pop band, though it’s unclear who’s writing what on their bite-seeing tour.

The band was particularly happy with a burger joint’s accommodation of a food sensitivity when they visited last monthin California. “One of our band (members) has a dairy allergy which the staff were more than happy to accommodate and made adjustments to their tacos with a smile,” they wrote.

“That goes a long way with us as every time we eat out somewhere, this band member runs the very real risk of being poisoned. They won’t die but the bloating can be immense.”

The tongue-in-cheek commentary continued with a July review of a Yogurtland at a rest stop in Baker, California that poked fun at the popping boba in the toppings bar.

“Everything was pretty standard apart from what I first thought may have been salmon roe, but decided that that would be a little too far out for a Yogurtland in a Travelplaza in Baker, California,” the review reads. “I’m still unsure of what it was but have added a pic so if anyone can tell me feel free to comment.”

The most recent review, which likely took place as the band headed to the northeast for a series of August shows, provided no details about the food at Sushi Room in Denver, Colorado.

Rather, the band gave the restaurant five stars and included the lyrics to Bruce Springsteen’s Born To Run in the text of the review along with an attached photo of the Boss in the early years of his career. – Reuters/Erin Nyren

Read Lo Moon Y.‘s review of 6th & E Street Eatery on Yelp

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