The best of Japanese films and series on dimsum

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Want to take a break from your Chinese serials? Or trying to broaden your horizon apart from the usual K-drama fare? dimsum has a range of Japanese series in its catalogue which will definitely get you hooked. Here are some of the notable series and films from Japan that are available in August.


This action drama focuses on two members of the Special Investigation Team: Akira Inami (Shun Oguri) who is emotionally scarred from a previous mission and Saburo Tamaru (Hidetoshi Nijishima) who is transferred to this department after an “incident”. Together, they tackle important political matters and dirty jobs for the government.

Crime Syndrome

While there are two seasons available on dimsum, S1 of Japanese drama Crime Syndrome seems like a nail-biter. Former detective Takashi Muto (Tetsuji Tamayama) whose younger sister was killed but the murderer, a minor, escapes punishment. Now, Takashi thirsts for revenge. However, before he can do so, the murderer commits suicide. Realising that hatred can ruin his life, Takashi decides to quit his job and help the police to solve cases with “illegal” methods.

The Morality

A young aspiring writer, Masato Nanba (Aoi Nakamura), is rushed to a hospital for appendicitis. There, he is treated by a beautiful surgeon, Yoko Okouchi (Rena Tanaka). But don’t judge a book by its cover. Behind her cheerful and kind mask, Yoko is a cold and emotionless person. Strange, unexplained accidents start to happen in the hospital …

Ten Dark Women

A film noir about a television producer, Kaze Matsukichi, who has a beautiful wife and nine mistresses. His wife, Futaba, and other mistresses all have an inkling about each other’s existence and they hatch a plot to murder him. However, his wife decides to inform him about the plan, and together they fake his death at a meeting of all 10 women using a pistol loaded with blanks and a tomato.

Later, the mistresses regret the killing and one of them even commits suicide. However, they are furious when they find out that he is not really dead, and decide to kill him again.


What would you do if you could travel back in time to right the wrongs. The story follows a group of time travellers from the future and those whose mission is to keep a close watch on the travellers. Shinji Aratani (Michitaka Tsutsui) works as the Chief of Registry Supervision Division at the Ministry of Justice. But his real job is to isolate time travellers, who have come from the future, in a special residential district and keep them under observation. Little does he know that these time machines are not perfectly made, so the time travellers are unable to return to the future once they come to the present.

My Dangerous Wife

With a plot that is similar to Gone Girl, this gritty series tells the story of a cheating husband, Kohei Mochizuki, who is married to a beautiful, rich wife. Tired of having to do things to please his overly controlling, manipulative wife Maria (Yoshino Kimura), he plans to kill her with his lover, Anna Kitazato (Aibu Saki). Unexpectedly, he comes home to find Maria has gone missing, with bloodstains on the floor. Kohei then becomes the suspect in her possible murder, but he soon learns the truth of who Maria really is.

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