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Oh, to be young and lovestruck is such a wonderful thing – or at least, that’s what LANY wants you to believe on this self-titled debut.

The California trio crafts the kind of wistful love songs that the H&M-wearing crowd would save on their personalised Spotify playlists in a heartbeat.

On this 16-track record, the three-piece act – comprising lead vocalist Paul Klein, drummer Jake Goss and keyboardist Les Priest – serves minimalistic pop gems with shimmering melodies and sparkling synths.

Lead single ILYSB taps into that hopelessly-devoted-to-you psyche with a text messaging lexicon (ILYSB = I Love You So Bad). That pairing of heart-on-sleeves lyrics and polished synths is a hit-or-miss kind of effort, though.

On more ebullient numbers such as opener Dumb Stuff, Flowers On The Floor and Good Girls, those emotional declarations are often drowned amid an excess of electronic melodies.

But LANY manages to strike a balance between vulnerable lyricism and gorgeous synths on the slower numbers. Hericane wallows in deliciously sentimental words that float over lush electronic arrangement.

Elsewhere, effervescent tracks like Super Far, Overtime and 13 continue to underline the trio’s pursuit of beautiful electronic-brushed odes that sweep through the stages of love lost and love found as experienced by millennials.


LANY sings about love lost and love found as experienced by millennials. Photo: Polydor



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