Harith Iskander has a new show and it’s going global

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Comedian Harith Iskander is certainly used to performing in front of large audiences. But his next performance may be one of his biggest yet.

His upcoming comedy show, I Told You So, is going to be shot and recorded by an international broadcaster, and premiere as a TV comedy special on a worldwide platform. This would make him the first Southeast Asian and Malaysian comedian to do so.

“For me, it’s very exciting, because I know this is going to be shown internationally. I would say a good 90-95% of people who watch it on this platform may not know who I am or even where Malaysia is. So it will be a great introduction to the stand-up comedian that I am, and also where I am from,” said Harith at a recent interview in Kuala Lumpur.

According to Harith, he is currently contractually obligated not to reveal who the international broadcaster is, but said it broadcasted comedy specials from “all the big names”.

“And to have my stand-up comedy show alongside them … I just couldn’t say ‘no’,” enthused Harith, 51.

Harith’s show will consist of 90% new material, together with some classic jokes he had not performed in a while. There will also be live music played by local musician Michael Veerapen and his band.

“Anyone who knows my shows knows how swift and spontaneous things can be. There is a set format to the show, but it’s live stand-up comedy … you never know where it’s going to go,” quipped Harith, who made the country proud by winning Laugh Factory’s Funniest Person in the World competition last year.

“And people who come … who knows, if they laugh loud enough, the camera may catch them and they may end up on the edit, and appear on an international broadcast!”

Tickets to the show are selling fast, but not to worry, said Harith, as there will be a preview show on the same day of the screening. There, audiences can watch a final rehearsal of I Told You So.

“It’s going to be a great live show. There’s nothing that compares to live stand-up comedy. If you’ve seen my stuff on YouTube and enjoyed it, you’ll flip when you see it live. The lights, the sound, the laughter rolling around the room … it will be beyond the experience you had,” Harith said.

Harith’s I Told You So will be showing at the HGH Convention Centre in Kuala Lumpur at 8.15pm on Aug 27. Tickets are priced at RM98, RM68 and RM48. For more information, visit harithiskander.peatix.com or WhatsApp to 011-2802 0559.

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