Get your Bollywood fix with a Malaysian production on womanhood

by - 15:11

Get ready for an evening of Bollywood drama, choreography and a feast of colours with RedNose Arts’ showcase Miss, Mrs Or A Mother Of 2, which tracks the journey of womanhood.

The dance showcase plays at PJ Live Arts on Aug 13. Central to the showcase is the theme of love and how vital it is in every woman’s life. And what better genre to present this exciting journey than through the full splendour and magic of Bollywood.

“There is an inherent excitement in the very flavour of Bollywood, given its rich and vibrant culture,” says Neesha Avalani, one of the managing partners of RedNose Arts.

The showcase, featuring RedNose’s students and teachers, promises heart-thumping choreography, interspersed with narration and Bollywood tunes.

RedNose Arts is a dance platform founded by Neesha and her three sisters. It aims to boost self confidence and freedom of expression through dance and music and promote personal development through creativity.

“The main objective of the showcase is to give the students at Rednose an opportunity to perform and spread joy through dance.”

Miss, Mrs Or A Mother Of 2 is on at PJ Live Arts, Jaya One, Petaling Jaya in Selangor on Aug 13 at 5pm. Tickets ranging between RM20 and RM75 (VIP pass) can be booked by calling 017-277 6112 or 012-307 1138. FB: Red Nose Arts.

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