Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner lands a beauty contract

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In every episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones, we’ve enjoyed seeing the North Queen’s long luscious mane beautifully braided, combed into a bun or let loose in mesmerising waves.

So, it was only a matter of time that a haircare brand would take notice.

Wella Professionals recently named 21-year-old British actress Sophie Turner as their brand ambassador, on their Instagram.

On Wella’s Instagram, it stated, “Our brand ambassador is the beautiful Sophie Turner. Sophie is constantly transforming roles and relies on hairstylists to empower her! Stay tuned as Sophie Turner shows you a glimpse of how stylists do it better!”

This is the first beauty contract for Turner, who plays Sansa Stark.

“Oh ma gawsh big news. I’m the new Wella Brand Ambassador and so so excited to join the #WellaFamily. Go follow @wellahairusa – I’m taking over the channel soon!” Turner gushed on her Instagram.

Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark tells Aidan Gillen as Littlefinger that she has decided to go blonde to get ride of all the bad luck. Photo: HBO/Helen Sloan

In the book Sansa’s hair is described as auburn so Turner had to dye her natural blonde hair auburn when she auditioned for the role.

Having had her hair dyed reddish brown since 2011 when she got the role, Turner is now a pro in hair colour dyes and its effects on hair.

Turner told People that her red hair represents the most amazing period of her life as she transformed into Sansa Stark.

“It’s rewarding to know that I had red hair for a while. I’m proud of myself for doing that at such a young age because it can be quite daunting transforming myself,” she added.

The actress told People that she loved some of the hairstyles created for her in her role as Sansa so much that she’s started wearing them off set!

“For a really long time I was wearing my hair in a topknot and leaving the bottom of the hair loose, from Game of Thrones,” she told People.

“Maybe I would braid the top. So I was definitely taking Sansa inspiration circa season five-ish. But I’m always taking inspiration. In X-Men, there was an ’80s big hairstyle, with a bit of volume — I really liked doing that for a while. Maybe a part of it is like psychologically getting myself into that character in my time off but honestly I think it’s because they style my hair so well on set and I’m not so good at it off-set.”

Now, we can’t wait to see the amazing hairstyles and hair colours that Turner will be wearing at all the Red Carpets, courtesy of Wella.

Sansa Stark wears her hair blonde to change her fortune after years of suffering as the auburn-headed Queen of North. Photo: Instagram/Wella

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