Andy Lau to start promoting new movie The Adventurers

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Actor Andy Lau is officially going back to work in September 2017, half a year after a horse-riding accident put him out of action.

He will go on a publicity tour for the Stephen Fung action movie The Adventurers, beginning with a stop in Beijing, China on Aug 8, says Sing Tao Daily.

He will also attend a press conference in Taiwan on Aug 10 and a premiere in Hong Kong on Aug 22, adds the report.

Lau, 55, was advised to rest for up to 11 months after suffering multiple fractures in his pelvis.

He was thrown off a horse while shooting a commercial in Thailand in January.

But this month, before his return to work was announced, he was already promoting The Adventurers on his official website, reports Sing Tao.

He shared a photo of himself dubbing the movie, and a poster showing him in character, which he captioned: “Are you ready?”

Andy Lau stars with French actor Jean Reno and Taiwanese actress Shu Qi in the film, which opens in Malaysia on Aug 11. – The Straits Times/Asia News Network

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