6 shows to binge-watch on dimsum

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From sports and the supernatural to love and war, dimsum’s new and exciting series will keep you glued to the TV screen (or mobile device).

U-Prince Series: Badly Politics

Milk (Mild Wiraporn) is a young fashion lover who is forced by her father to pursue Political Science instead. To help her cope with all the problems, she turns to Survey (Thanat Lohkhunnasombat). Over time, she falls in love but later learns that he is about to get married. Looks like our young heroine has more problems than just her studies.

War Flowers

Han Shu Ying is forced to be tycoon Xie Bing Yan’s concubine. So, she decides to run away and join the resistance force instead. Naturally, things don’t go well for Shu Ying.

Tornado Girls

The story revolves around Qi Bai Cao (Hu Bing Qing) in her journey of becoming a true yuan wu dao martial artist. Along the way she encounters friends such as her stoic and selfless senior Ruo Bai (Yang Yang), the warm and caring medic Yu Chu Yuan (Bai Jingting), and the flirtatious, playful Fang Ting Hao (Chen Xiang).

Nirvana In Fire

When war breaks out between feudal Northern Wei and Southern Liang dynasties, General Lin Xie from the south takes his only son, 19-year-old Lin Shu (Hu Ge) into battle and successfully defeats the northerners. However, a political rival framed Lin Xie, causing the massacre of his army under the Emperor’s order. Lin Shu manages to escape. Twelve years later, he returns as Chief Mei Changsu. Is he coming back to plot a revenge or to protect his own people?


Nirvana In Fire

Wu Xin – The Monster Killer

Wu Xin (Elvin Han), who is an immortal, is awakened from a long slumber … but has no recollection of who he is or how long he has been asleep. But he knows one thing – how to kill monsters. Now he is going to put his power to great use.

Boy Hood

In a baseball match, Wu Tong manages to score the winning point against rival team Xiao Xiong from another school. As a result, Xiao Xiong is under the threat of disbandment. When Wu Tong is unexpectedly transferred to their school, naturally, the boys are at loggerheads. But they must work to keep the team together. Can they put their egos aside? This drama stars Karry Wang Jun Kai, Roy Wang Yuan, and Jackson Yi from the popular Chinese boyband TFBoys.

Download the dimsum app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store, or stream directly at dimsum.my. All new subscribers are entitled to a free 30-day trial. A subscription fee of RM15 a month offers access of up to five concurrent users or devices with one account. The streaming service supports Chromecast and AirPlay for subscribers to binge-watch shows on TV. For more information, go to dimsum’s official Facebook (http://ift.tt/2fzPlvG) and Instagram (@dimsum.my).

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