Wedding dresses no longer special for actress Michelle Wai

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She may play a woman who leaps at the chance to get married in new movie All My Goddess, but in real life, the magic of a wedding gown no longer appeals to Michelle Wai these days.

“I’ve had to wear wedding gowns for so many occasions – whether for modelling or acting – that I am no longer excited over it.

“I’ve even worn those very beautiful and expensive qun kwa for work,” said the 32-year-old actress, referring to the elaborate traditional red Chinese bridal dress, which usually comes with gold and silver dragon and phoenix embroidery.

“When it comes to white wedding dresses, I already know what looks good on me and what does not. What I’ve never worn are the wedding dresses from other cultures. I think I would very much look forward to trying on some bright and colourful bridal outfits for a change!”

In All My Goddess, Wai portrays a dreamy but socially awkward young lady who jumps at the opportunity to don a wedding gown, even if it means having to walk down the aisle with a man she does not love.

She has four girlfriends helping to plan the wedding, but when the bride disappears, the ladies decide to play “Cinderella and the glass slipper” – whoever fits into the custom-made wedding gown gets to walk down the aisle in place of the missing bride.

All My Goddess, adapted from a popular Hong Kong musical, is directed by Clifton Ko (I Have A Date With Spring, All’s Well Ends Well).

With 90% of the movie filmed on location in Penang, Wai spent 15 days shooting there. She became fast friends with Hong Kong actress Maggie Cheung Ho Yee and Taiwanese-Canadian actress Annie Liu, who play her girl friends in the movie.

“During film breaks, Maggie and I even took the opportunity to check out new apartments in Penang,” said Wai, adding that they did not manage to purchase any units as the prices were above their budget.

“It was a very relaxing shoot. Most scenes were done in one take, as the director knew exactly what he wanted, and did not like to waste time with retakes. We always wrapped up early and had lots of time for fun activities.

“We even got to take a trip to Ipoh to go sightseeing and enjoy the local delicacies,” shared Wai.

This is not the first time the actress has shot film in Malaysia – she was previously here to film local director Ryon Lee’s tearjerker Show Me Your Love which was released last year.

All My Goddess is currently playing nationwide. Head to GSC for ticket details.

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