Sisqo’s 18-year-old Thong Song has returned. Is it a Yes or a No from you?

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Norwegian DJ and production trio JCY and R&B singer Sisqo have put out a remake of the latter’s 1999 hit Thong Song.

The video for Thong Song came out in 2000 and had a spring break theme, showing women in bikinis on the beach, and a clip for the new version of the track retains the same style, featuring more bikini-clad women as well as male dancers and a roller rink.

Musically, the remake has a more tropical sound than the original, which released as a single on New Year’s Eve in 1999 and featured in Sisqo’s debut album, Unleash The Dragon.

The new Thong Song is now out as a single on Spotify but you can also check it out on YouTube. – AFP Relaxnews

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