Shila Amzah’s mentor has a new entertainment company

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As a veteran in the Malaysian music industry, Ong Peng Chu says he was completely taken aback by how fast China’s music industry fell in love with Shila Amzah when he first took her to the mainland.

“When we introduced Shila Amzah to the Chinese, they simply loved her. It was then that I realised that Chinese people are a very welcoming audience who can easily embrace an endless diversity in cultures. They even requested that I bring a greater variety of talents from our region,” said Ong, who used to focus on the local music scene.

With this in mind, as well as repeated encouragement from other industry professionals, Ong founded a brand new entertainment company last year called On Muse. The company’s mission is to be a platform for South-East Asian talents to penetrate the China market.

“We may be a small company, but we have big aspirations!” said On Muse CEO Ong, adding that the company will work closely with South Korea and Thailand, apart from China and other South-East Asian countries.

At a recent press conference, On Muse unveiled some of their talents, which include veteran Malaysian Mandopop singer Eric Moo, Jeryl Lee, Pink Tan, and girl group Muse Girls.

The company is already starting on some projects for its artistes.

On Muse and its Chinese partner Visual Culture are working together to organise Moo’s concert tour, which is set to kick off at Penang’s Spice Arena on Aug 19.


Meer Nash is one of On Muse’s new talents. Photo: China Press

Sing! China S1 finalist Lee has recently recorded a Korean-Mandarin version of Goblin’s Stay With Me with South Korean crooner Kim Dong-gyun, who is well-known for singing covers of Bahasa Malaysia and Indonesian songs.

Muse Girls, comprising Yoshiko, Avely, Joann, Merrie, Miki, Lucca and Victoria, has also released its debut single Xian Xia Shou Wei Qiang.

Encouraged by the success of Shila – arguably the most popular Malay singer in China – On Muse has signed on musician Maisarah Ukulele and singer Meer Nash.

Meer has a wide repertoire of Mandarin songs thanks to a love of Mandopop and a very encouraging Chinese mother. The diligent young man has already gotten a head start with a month-long stint in China recently, where he represented Malaysia in the 16th “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students.

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