Popular comedian Shahrol Shiro co-hosts Suria Pagi

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Shahrol Shiro has no problems getting up early in the morning to host Suria’s breakfast show, Suria Pagi (weekdays, 5am to 10am).

The newly-minted announcer at the Bahasa Malaysia radio station says he woke up really early for one of his previous jobs.

“I lived in Kluang and worked in Batu Pahat (both in Johor) as an immigration officer for five years. My sleeping schedule was the same every day. I had to wake up at around five every morning,” shares Shahrol, 33.

Shahrol took his first step into showbiz when he won the sixth season of reality comedy series Raja Lawak in 2012, as one half of the comedy duo Shiro. After the competition, he continued working as an immigration officer, while doing comedy shows on weekends.

He left his full-time job in 2013 and began his career as a full-fledged comedian, showing off his comedic skills as a radio deejay, TV host and film actor.

Shahrol, who was offered the hosting job at Suria around the end of June, says he’s always had a passion for being a radio announcer.

“As a radio deejay, you have to know what’s happening. When you talk, you can’t just be funny, you have to know the topics being discussed. I don’t want to just makes jokes for the sake of making jokes.”

Shahrol joins existing Suria Pagi announcers Zulin Aziz and Fizi Ali. Halim Othman, who used to co-host the segment before Shahrol took over, will focus on helming the sports-themed Grandstand Suria (weekends, 9am to 1pm).

He adds that he wants to use the show as a force for good: “For example, social media is sometimes used as a medium to spread hatred and negativity, but I want to send a positive message to people.”

Besides being a radio deejay, Shahrol set up his own production company, Bushido Production, a year ago.

“My company has been making mostly viral videos and telemovies so far. We are working on releasing our first film, a horror comedy flick. We have about 20% of the script done,” he reveals.

Shahrol will be pulling double duty on the film, due end of this year, producing and starring in it.

For more information, visit suria.my or go to their Facebook page. You can also follow @suriamalaysia on Instagram.

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