Embrace your inner geek with these shows on dimsum

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Guess what? Today is Embrace Your Geekness Day, a time to celebrate your personal obsession. And what better way to do so than to check out some of the most entertaining geeks on dimsum?

U-Prince Series 3: Lovely Geologist

(Thailand, four episodes)

T-REX has got to be one of the most adorable geeks in drama-land. A university student is majoring in Geology at the Faculty of Science who is a mega fan of dinosaurs, he is portrayed by boyish singer-songwriter Kacha (Anchuleepradit Nontanun).

His obsession is such that his dinosaur collection extends to his gadgets and even affects his sense of fashion. He may be good-natured and easy-going, but will he be able to win hearts with his colourful dinosaur hoodies and quirky headgear?

Ugly Duckling Series 3: Don’t

(Thailand, eight episodes)

THAI actress Mild Wiraporn is usually cute as a button, but in this series she plays a girl who refuses to reveal her face to anyone after a hurtful childhood experience.


Ugly Duckling

It began after she confessed her feelings to a boy who rejected her and even called her ugly in front of all their schoolmates. The poor girl was so traumatised by the incident that she took to wearing a box over her head, so that no one would see her face again.

Will she meet someone who can convince her to get her head out of the box?

Lucky Romance

(South Korea, 16 episodes)

BO-NUI (Hwang Jung-Eum) is a superstitious soul who is completely obsessed with astrology and how supernatural energies can bring her good fortune or affect her luck for the day.

She becomes convinced that she was born an unlucky person who brings bad luck to her loved ones, especially since her younger sister fell into a coma after a car accident and seemed to only get worse over time.

To make matters more complicated, a shaman tells her that in order to save her sister, she has to find a suitor born in the year of the tiger. Needless to say, she becomes obsessed with finding a man whose zodiac sign is the tiger.

Will she be able to overcome her superstitions?

Flower Boys Next Door

Flower Boys Next Door

(South Korea, 16 episodes)

THIS Korean drama is one of those quirky rom-coms populated by all manner of geeky characters.

Copy editor Go Dok-mi (Park Shin-hye) is the dreamy sort who can’t bear to step out of her apartment. Instead, she uses a pair of binoculars to spy on her handsome neighbours.

Webtoon artist Oh Jin-rak (Kim Ji-hoon) fancies her and keeps leaving a carton of milk with a post-it attached by her door everyday, but just cannot muster the courage to approach her.

Genius video game developer Enrique Geum (Yoon Shi-yoon) is a cheery fellow who is obsessed with bringing happiness into everyone’s lives.

Foodie Watanabe Ryu (Mizuta Kouki) is a Japanese chef who moved to Korea to learn about the cuisine.

How will fate bring these geeks together?

Triumph In The Skies II

(Hong Kong, 43 episodes)

HE may not be one of the main stars, but Adrian Chau (Teddy On) is one memorable character. He gets a job as a aircraft maintenance technician because he is so obsessed with planes, and just loves spending his days around planes of all shapes and sizes. When he gets his pilot’s license to please his dad, the young man has to choose between tinkering around planes or flying them instead.

Chibi Maruko Chan

(Taiwan, 20 episodes)

THIS live-action adaptation of Chibi Maruko Chan should appeal to Mandarin-speaking fans of the popular comic series. It stars well-known Taiwanese stars all decked out in costumes and sporting hairstyles that stay faithful to the original manga.

Chibi Maruko Chan

Chibi Maruko is played by newcomer Zoey Lin in trademark pageboy hair and red pinafore while Fahrenheit’s Jiro Wang plays her friend Kazuhiko Hanawa, complete with flyaway hairstyle.

Detective Conan

(Japan, 13 episodes)

FANS of popular manga/anime Detective Conan should be familiar with how the super detective is transformed into a little boy after he gets poisoned by a secret organisation.

However, this live-action adaptation takes place before he gets poisoned. High school student Shinichi Kudo (Junpei Mizobata) likes putting in the hours as a private detective as he is obsessed with getting to the truth of the matter. Nothing fazes him, and he is determined to solve every single case he works on, even if it means risking his life.

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