Television shows on Hari Raya: Day 1

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One thing’s for sure: On the first and second day of Hari Raya, the house is going to be filled with family members and good friends.

From cooking up a storm in the kitchen to piling on the plates with various goodies and eating together, these are moments to be cherished.

The good times felt during Hari Raya is something that are reflected on various television shows this year. There are also a couple of heartfelt stories, to remind us to always be kind and thoughtful towards others.

So, on this day of celebration, why not relax with the family by checking out some Aidilfitri specials on TV?

Syawal Yang Kuinginkan

TV3, 10am

Hani is a hardworking tailor at a boutique in the city. She’s so dedicated in her work that she doesn’t have time to visit her family in the kampung. On Hari Raya, she finally goes home only to be met with an accident. An accident resulting in the loss of her memory. Starring Fauziah Ahmad Daud, Azira Shafinaz and Idris Khan.

Homestay Raya

HyppSensasi, HyppTV Ch 116, 11.30am

Fed up with her children not wanting to visit her even during Hari Raya, Mak Temah decides to lease out their rooms. Unfortunately for her business venture, it’s two mental asylum escapees who turn up at her door.

Romantika Raya

Ria, Astro Ch 104, 1.30pm

Five celebrity couples share their experiences of spending their first Raya together. This show will be shown over five days starting from today. The couples are Mark Adam and Razah Ridzuan; Hanis Zalikha and Hairul Azreen; Scha Alyahya and Awal Ashaari; Hafiz Hamidun and Joy Revfa; Amar Baharin and Amyra Rosli.


Romantika Raya focuses on five celebrity couples including Hairul and Hanis.

Baju Raya Tak Berwarna

TV2, 2.05pm

A drama to remind us that for every bad action there is going to be a worse outcome. Alif is only eight years old but has gone through all kinds of hardship no thanks to his cruel adopted mother. One day, his actual mum comes around looking for him. But it’s a case of just a tad too late for everyone to make amends. Starring Elly Mazlein, Datin Fadilah Mansor, Ammar Mohiden and Datuk Ahmad Tarmimi Serigar.


Juliana Evans co-stars in the new TV3 series Encik Suami Mat Salih Celup.

Santai Raya: Konsert Sentuhan Listrik

TV1, 2pm

If heavy drama is not your cup of tea, then switch to this channel for good fun with three musical greats: Datuk M. Nasir, Akim Ahmad and Siti Nordiana.

MeleTOP Raya 2017

Ria, Astro Ch 104, 2pm

Do celebrities prepare for Hari Raya the same way as we do? Find out on this talk show how they go about getting ready for Raya – from shopping to cleaning up their homes.

Encik Suami Mat Salih Celup

TV3, 6.58pm

A new drama series revolving around Iman who owns a boutique and is about to get married to Naim. However, Naim breaks off the engagement with no rhyme or reason. Then a Caucasian guy turns up at Iman’s boutique and tells her that she should marry him. Hello, stalker alert! Starring Daler Yusuf, Fikri Bakar, Tania Hudson and Juliana Evans.


Siti Nordiana is featured in Konsert Sentuhan Listrik.

Suri Hati Mr Pilot Raya

Ria, Astro Ch 104, 9pm

Fattah Amin and Neelofa pair up once again to play the beloved roles in this special. All the fans better savour this telemovie as this might be the last hurrah for all parties involved. The tale kicks off two years after Ijaz goes missing. Meanwhile, Warda is ever hopeful of his return.

Khas Raya: Koma Raya

TV1, 10.05pm

Ghani wakes up from a coma after 10 years, and it’s a week from Raya. He is however distraught to learn that his family members have all become a pessimist bunch who care little for the festivity. Ghani feels it is up to him to cure them of this infliction. Starring Munir Pandir, Fazreen Fazera, Fauziah Nawi and Luqman Hafiz.


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