Singer and first-time father Harris Baba talks about Parah

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Singer Harris Baba has learned to capitalise on his strengths for his new single, Parah.

The 26-year-old Singaporean, Malaysia-based artiste was criticised for his live performance of debut single Katakan at the Muzik Muzik semi finals last year.

Katakan had a lot of falsetto elements. I’m not strong in falsetto,” Harris says. He added he was also very nervous about performing in front of live TV as he was still very new to the industry at the time.

His second single Parah is no less challenging. But instead of relying on his falsettos to hit the high notes, Harris nails them with his full voice.

Duo Star helped me to realise my proper vocal range and the notes that I can hit.”

Duo Star is a singing competition in search of the best duet partner. Harris was paired with powerhouse vocalist Ning Baizura.

“With Parah, I’m slightly more confident. Even when I was recording it, it felt a bit easier for me. But it’s still a learning process.”

Harris, who is of Pakistani, Iranian and Chinese descent, tells the inspiration behind Parah’s eclectic sound. “(Songwriters) Ezra Kong, Romeo, Faizal Tahir and Mike Chan suggested since I’m Pakistani, why don’t we mix a bit of Hindi elements in the song. I loved it.”

harris baba

Singaporean singer Harris Baba grows more confident with live performances. Photo: The Star/Muhamad Shahril Rosli

Harris also discloses developments on his personal life. The singer, who tied the knot with Nik Naziha Zawawi in May last year, welcomed a baby girl in March.

“Being a father is one of the best feelings in the world. I still can’t believe I’m a father when I look at my child,” he says, while sporting a grin. “It has made my priorities clearer.”

Harris says the first two weeks after her daughter’s birth was challenging. “It was all very new to me – cleaning her and changing the diapers – but now I’m used to it.”

The first-time father adds he is grateful his three-month-old bundle of joy “is very easy to take care of”. “She doesn’t cry much. When we sleep, she sleeps as well.”

Harris shuttles between Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu, Sabah where his wife and child reside, on a weekly basis.

“My management helps me to group my jobs within four or five consecutive days, and then I’ll spend the next fews days in KK,” he adds.


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