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Good ol’ honest bangers make up the bulk of the long-delayed debut album from rising English singer Dua Lipa.

From the get go, the Londoner makes it known that she’s out to get you with massive hooks and bass-heavy songs. The numbers here are made for music festivals and Top 40 radio stations in this time and age.

But the self-titled debut’s commercial appeal is a given when the record is populated by heavily EDM-infused numbers. Slick opener Genesis starts off the album on a breezier tone with tribal-like drums and handclaps. But the record only gets more vivacious from there, with songs that pack plenty of punch.

Those punches are of course, delivered by Lipa’s brazen vocals. The 21-year-old don’t so much sing, as she does “attacks”, her songs with Pink’s Get The Party Started-like zest.

That kind of bold delivery works best on sass-packed numbers such as Hotter Than Hell, IDGAF and Blow Your Mind (Mwah).

But what’s more impressive is the fact that there’s a cohesiveness to the record. Given how Lipa has released a slew of singles leading up this album, one would have thought that the 17-track collection would be a haphazard one.

The fact that Lipa (with the help of her band of producers too, of course) could rein in all those ideas is the mark of a pop star to look out for.

dua lipa

Dua Lipa is out to get listeners with massive hooks and bass-heavy songs on her solid debut. Photo: Warner Records

Dua Lipa 

Dua Lipa 

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dua lipa

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