New Thai TV series stars real-life couple Push and Jui

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Love is definitely in the air on the Thai TV series, Game Maya, as actor Push and his real-life girlfriend Jui are starring as its lead couple.

In Game Maya, Pimdao, played by Jui, is a popular celebrity in Thailand who owns an investment company with her fiance Kawin. Kawin doesn’t love Pimdao, he just wants to take advantage of her fame and influence.

Meanwhile, Push plays Gun whose fiancee dies in an accident right before their wedding. She leaves Gun a message blaming Kawin for her death. Gun then assumes the identity of Pimdao’s bodyguard in order to learn the truth about what happened and avenge his fiancee’s death.

Along the way, he slowly finds himself falling for Pimdao.

Game Maya marks Push and Jui’s second time starring opposite each other after the 2014 series Fun Fueng.

The first three episodes of Game Maya premiered on dimsum recently. New episodes will follow every Wednesday and Thursday at 11pm.

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