Juliana Evans shares what’s different about married life

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Life has changed quite a bit for the newly-married Che Puan Juliana Evans.

Last April, the 27-year-old actress married Tengku Shariffuddin Shah Tengku Sulai­man, 29, who is a member of both the Se­lan­gor and Johor royal households.

Juliana says the difference between single and married life is that now she has to consider more than just her own needs.

“It’s not just about me anymore. Before, it was about me wanting to do this and that for myself. Now, it’s more about us, my husband and I, and our new bigger family,” she shares.

Juliana was at a press event in Kuala Lumpur promoting the Bahasa Malaysia-dubbed version of The Secret Life Of Pets.

Waking up next to her husband is another thing she is getting used to. “Before this, I slept with my mum and sibling; now I wake up with my husband by my side.”

The actress, who is of Malay and English parentage, now lives with her in-laws. Although there is protocol to follow, Juliana reveals that life in the royal household is pretty laid-back.

“His family is very welcoming. They’re very casual people; not too strict, not much protocol,” she notes.

juliana evans

Juliana Evans voices the character Katie, a woman who adopts a dog in The Secret Life Of Pets.

Looking ahead, Juliana says she still plans to stay active in the entertainment industry.

“My in-laws are very encouraging (of my acting career). And now that I’m starting to venture into (the fashion and accessories) business, they’ve also been very encouraging about that. They’re not asking me to stop working.”

She adds that she is selective about the projects she takes on, something she has been practising even before she got married.

In the Bahasa Malaysia-dubbed version of The Secret Life Of Pets, Juliana voices Katie, owner of the protagonist, a terrier named Max. The animated film chronicles the twists and turns in Max’s life when Katie takes in a new pet.

“I’ve done voice-overs for movies and commercials before; this is my first animated movie. It was a lot of fun. The only challenge is making sure my voice is in sync with the character.”

Next up, viewers will get to see Juliana on the big screen in the film Bella Dan Jamie, which is slated for an October release.

The film centres on the relationship between two best friends, played by Juliana and Liyana Jasmay.

“Even though we are acting, in real life, Liyana and I are best friends. So that friendship comes off naturally on screen.

“The first time I acted, I worked with Liyana. That’s why we are really close that way and we love to work with each other.”

The Secret Life Of Pets, dubbed in Bahasa Malaysia, premieres on June 25 at 8pm on HBO (Astro Ch 411).

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