Game Of Thrones star Liam Cunningham is a fan of Michelle Yeoh

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Liam Cunningham, who plays Davos Seaworth on Game Of Thrones, is a character actor who has been in the industry for almost 30 years now after switching from his job as an electrician in his 20s.

The 56-year-old worked consistently on various British films and TV series, collaborating with directors such as Alfonso Cuaron (A Little Princess), Steve McQueen (Hunger), Rupert Wyatt (The Escapist) and Neil Marshall (Dog Soldiers). He also did big productions like King Arthur, Centurion, Clash Of The Titans and the 2008 film, The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor.

The last title of course co-stars our own Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh. In a phone interview, he talked about working with Yeoh: “I had dinner with Michelle Yeoh when we were shooting The Mummy 3. Beautiful Michelle Yeoh. I am a fan of hers. Also, I am a huge fan of Formula One and I know Jean Todt (the French motor sport executive) is Michelle’s partner. I bumped into her again in Monaco (recently).

“She is the most elegant, stylish, just fantastic lady. I enjoyed her company when I was with her. If I was offered to do anything with Michelle Yeoh again, I wouldn’t have to think twice about it. I would say yes immediately.”

During the same call, Cunningham also spoke fondly of his experiences with actors on GOT, saying the HBO series has given him a chance to work with some of the best actors in Europe. “Some of the people I have admired for a long time.”

Here’s what he had to say about them.

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Carice Van Houten plays Melisandre in Game Of Thrones.

Carice Van Houten (who plays Melisandre, or the Red Woman)

I was very lucky because I did a movie with Carice Van Houten (the 2011 flick Black Butterflies). And then we both got this job at the same time. I have enormous respect for her talent.

Stephen Dillane (Stannis Baratheon)

I have watched Stephen for a number of years. The five years we worked together were professionally, some of the happiest. I love the way he works.

Elizabeth Barrett (Lady Lyanna Mormont)

She is so professional and so together. As soon as she hits the screen, you know that a little star is born. She is a fantastic actress. Hopefully in this new season, maybe, you will see more of her.

Kit Harington (Jon Snow)

He is a joy. I really like his company. We work well together. We’re obviously doing work together (in Season Seven). We do have dinners together a lot and we made a lot of very nice meals. We like to play a bit of pool, with a little beer perhaps now and then. I enjoy that man’s company. He is a delightful man. A really good guy.

I have to say I have watched him, you have to remember he was very young when he started off, and now he has obviously spent a lot of time on the show, and Kit is just getting better and better as an actor. He is improving with every season and, at the beginning, he was already really, really, good. I have a lot of respect for his talent.

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