Datuk Siti Nurhaliza learns MMA to play superhero in music video

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Datuk Siti Nurhaliza’s new music video packs a punch – literally.

The music video for Segala Perasaan, released late last month, sees the 38-year-old singer playing a superhero, Nour Eriqa, who’s clad in a flowing grey cape and a metallic mask.

“Most of the videos I’ve done in the past was always about these beauty shot-type moments, with my makeup always flawless and looking beautiful,” she said of the inspiration behind the superhero concept.

“But I discussed it with my team and we wanted to do something different. I’ve wanted to play a superhero for a long time.”

In the music video, by just making a motion with her hand, a quarrelsome elderly couple and a sulking little girl immediately turn joyful. Later, she exchanges punches with a masked villain threatening the safety of the people.

However, the superhero storyline is quite different from the song’s lyrics, which comes off more like a classic love ballad.

“If you look at videos overseas, a lot of them don’t necessarily reflect the lyrics,” she reasoned. “But I don’t think the music video’s storyline is completely different from the song’s lyrics as the unifying theme here is love. I play a superhero on a mission to spread love and prevent fights and feuds.”

To prepare for the role, Siti revealed she was trained by local mixed martial arts fighter Ann Osman. “She came on set to teach me the proper way to fight and defend myself. We did the fight scene, (seen) at the end, a few times to capture it in various angles.”

Segala Perasaan is the lead single off her 17th studio album, SimetriSiti.


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