Chris Pine had no problem with nude scene in Wonder Woman

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Chris Pine has starred in many films, and headlined quite a few including three Star Trek films, in which he played Captain Kirk, and Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.

So, was it hard playing second fiddle to Gal Gadot’s Diana in Wonder Woman? Not at all, according to the 36-year-old actor.

“I grew up with strong women in my family, so this was a great gig. And it was great to be surrounded by powerful and beautiful women on set,” he said in an interview in Los Angeles recently.

In Wonder Woman, Pine plays Captain Steve Trevor, an American spy who crashes his plane on the island of Themyscira inhabited by Amazon warriors, which includes Diana. Pine had a good sense of humour during the shoot, especially for a scene which calls for the actor to be naked in front of Gadot.

“I thought it was super fun as it was a complete flip, a gender reversal because I am naked, and Wonder Woman is standing there, looking like a dude, objectifying me. It was a great excuse for me to go work out, to look as good as I could for that scene,” Pine said with a laugh.


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