2589 Days Apart: The act of running

by - 15:09

Singaporean sprinter Timothee Yap, who competed at last year’s Rio Olympics 100m event, is making his acting debut with web series 2589 Days Apart.

The athlete plays an 18-year-old student with a gift for running. “I think I was chosen because (the drama) centres around track and field,” he tells Today. On top of his commitments as an athlete and actor, Yap is currently reading law at the National University Of Singapore.

How does he find time to do it all? “It’s a bit hectic, but right now I’m on a semester break so I’m taking the opportunity to film this drama,” the 22-year-old actor shares. Yap adds that his sporting career and his studies are his top priorities for now.

“Acting is something of a hobby for me, so whenever I have the time or when there’s a suitable role, I’ll pick it up.” So what are you waiting for guys? On your mark, get set, go watch 2589 Days Apart!

2589 Days Apart is available on dimsum.

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