Will love prevail in these new shows on dimsum?

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Love is in the air on dimsum. In a new five-episode web series 2589 Days Apart, Singaporean national sprinter Timothee Yap makes his acting debut as a troubled student who falls in love with his older school counsellor played by Felicia Chin.

The 2589 days – or seven years – age gap between them is just one of the many problems they face in their blossoming relationship. Will they be happy together or is love going to tear them apart?

If you’re looking for a more conventional love story, then check out Fighting Time, an office-themed drama series from China.

In this show, Xu Nuo is the new girl in the office who forms a close relationship with Shen Zhi Zhe. This new development causes Yu Qiu Mei, who is secretly in love with Zhi Zhe, to come up with a scheme to get rid of Xu Nuo.


Find out why the girls are crazy over this man in Fighting Time.

Her plan works as Xu Nuo is forced to leave the company after being blamed for something she didn’t do. All is fair in love and war? You have to check out this 56-episode drama series to see if Qiu Mei will get her comeuppance or live happily ever after with Zhi Zhe. Maybe she’ll just end up saying hello from the other side. Fighting Time stars David Wang, Cherrie Ying and Pan Zhi Lin.

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