Watching Patisserie Fighting can make you hungry

by - 14:12

The delicious, mouth-watering pastries featured on Patisserie Fighting never fail to make me hungry.

The eight-episode web series opens with medical researcher See Yu Tin (Kit Chan) giving up her job to pursue her true passion – baking. Six months have passed and her baking business hasn’t quite taken off, leading her to seek apprenticeship under Taiwanese pastry chef Wu Wen Di (Chris Lee).

Of course, there’s a little something something going on between the leads right from the get-go. But the chemistry slowly builds up, with the hunky chef coming off aloof and uncaring at first.

Although this is Chan’s first time acting in 15 years, she carries the part as the focused and methodical See well while Lee’s charm will definitely win the ladies’ hearts.

What I love most about Patisserie Fighting, which spans 12 to 15 minutes per episode, is watching all the cakes, tarts, muffins and eclairs get baked. The baking process is beautifully shot. Whether it’s rolling out dough, mixing batter or spread­ing out icing, every detail is gloriously captured.

Oops, did you just hear that? That was the sound of my stomach growling.

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