Review: The Inheritors

by - 15:10

All the typical ingredients of a K-drama are found in The Inheritors. There are elite high school kids, heir to their family-run conglomerates, rich-boy-falls-for-poor-girl and rivalry between siblings and best friends.

Oh, and an A-list cast the likes of Lee Min-ho (Kim Tan), Kim Woo-bin (Choi Young-do) and Park Shin Hye (Cha Eun-sang).What more do you need, right? Well, a more intriguing storyline would be nice.

Kim Tan is sent to study in the United States as his elder half-brother Kim Won (Choi Jin-hyuk) plots to take over the family business back home. Kim Tan could not care less about that, missing his family more than power. One day, he meets Cha – first in the US, then at his own home – who is his mute housekeeper’s daughter.

No prizes for guessing that forbidden love blossoms between them. I guess if you count the eye-candy and some posh seaside real estate (the drama was partly shot in Los Angeles and Malibu, in California), it’s a decent drama to pass your time.

The Inheritors is available on dimsum.

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