Meet the kids of the kids who sang MMMbop

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Here’s something that would usually make many of us feel ancient: Seeing a childhood idol as an adult.

Even worse, seeing that adult with their children or grandchildren.

That’s what we felt like when we saw the music video I Was Born by former teen idol trio Hanson.

The Hanson brothers – Isaac, Taylor and Zachary (or simply, Zac) – were big in the 1990s for their cult hit song, MMMbop. That song was released 20 years ago, when Isaac, the eldest of the three, was only 16.

Now 36, Isaac has three children while Taylor, 34 has five and Zac, 31 has four. That’s 12 children!

In I Was Born, a fresh pop tune that is just as infectious a MMMbop, 11 of these cute kids are featured alongside their fathers. In an interview with People, Zac explained why the brothers decided to include their brood to the mix.

“Featuring our own kids made sense because we knew they would share an honest performance. … We loved the fact that it added another dimension to the story of pursuing our dreams for the last 25 years,” he told the magazine.

The new song and music video coincides with the bands celebration of its 25th anniversary in the music business. Hanson is also going on a worldwide tour called Middle Of Everywhere, which is a play on its debut album Middle Of Nowhere, released in 1997.


The Hanson kids are all grown up and have families of their own. From left: Taylor, Zac and Isaac.

Hanson is currently in Europe and will be playing in Australia and New Zealand sometime in mid-June. However, there doesn’t seem to be any stop in Asia so far.

Family men

Taylor, in an interview with Today, shared how staying in Tulsa, Oklahoma have affected them positively. “We love New York and Los Angeles, but we decided to continue building something in Tulsa. It’s more true to who we are and what we want to build into our kids’ identities. I’m a proud family man. … As a parent, half the job is not making them amazing; it’s not screwing them up.”

The brothers also revealed that their kids have seen all their music videos. “There are multiple Hanson music videos on the iPad that my three-year-old watches,” Isaac told Today. He added, “When my son was five, he would tell people, ‘My dad plays rock ‘n’ roll guitar’… So, they think it’s cool.”


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