Girl group Amoi-Amoi just wants to have fun

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They are young. They are sweet. They are cute. They can be sexy, too. But instead, they choose to be funny, even downright silly, at times.

Unusual? Yes. But the formula has worked out really well for girl group Amoi-Amoi. So well, in fact, that the group has already been engaged to be brand ambassadors by two companies: Hung Fook Tong (herbal drink brand from Hong Kong) and Beautymate (skincare brand from Japan), before the group has even released a proper record.

Amoi-Amoi comprises four young women, aged 19 to 21: ET, May, Stella and ShaoQi. ET is a student from Taiwan, while the rest are Malaysians.

The group began as a project by Red People Artist to audition social media personalities in view of forming a girl group last year. Five made the final cut, but one Taiwanese girl, nicknamed Dolphin, had to pull out due to her mother’s health issues.

The other Taiwanese, ET, was still a student at the time of competition and had to rush home to complete her studies but managed to secure her spot as a permanent member of the group.

As the youngest in the group, ET said she cast aside her fears and signed up for the challenge all because of one person – controversial Malaysian musician/filmmaker Namewee, who is the founder of Red People Artist, a Malaysian-based platform representing online personalities. .

“I really like Namewee. His unusual songs stand out from the rest. I would listen to him all the time when I was in Taipei. When I learnt about this project, I realised that it would give me the opportunity to meet him and for us to work together. So, I just had to do it,” ET revealed.

The girls of Amoi-Amoi. Photo: The Star/Sam Tham

The group released its first single earlier this year, an entertaining Chinese New Year song titled Rich Hot Chicks.

In a recent interview, the four said they had an enjoyable time recording the song and shooting the music video due to the funny lyrics, cute dance moves and weird outfits they had to wear.

“There were three different outfit changes. One was an all-white ensemble which looked quite normal but the other two were really cute and weird,” ShaoQi said.

Stella continued: “We had these crazy pink bangs, which we wore with colourful football jerseys. That made us look like clowns. It was simply wacky. It was also the first time any of us had put on a wig.”

Song written by Namewee

ShaoQi revealed that Namewee wrote the song especially for the group. His inspiration came after spending time trying to record some songs with the girls.

Meanwhile, ET had to learn the dance steps on her own as she was still studying in Taipei. “I learnt the choreography for our new song from the videos they sent me. Since I could not join them, I had to practise on my own. I only had an opportunity to rehearse with them the day before we had to shoot the music video.”

Having one group member living in Taiwan means the girls have to put in extra effort to nurture the group camaraderie. “When ET comes to Malaysia to join us, we will all stay together in a place in Puchong. We try to spend as much time together as possible, so we do everything as a group,” said ShaoQi.

Apart from playing in Malaysia, Amoi-Amoi is gearing up for promotional activities in Taiwan and China as well.

So far, ET has flown to Malaysia more than half a dozen times, while the rest have gone to Taiwan once to promote their debut single. The girls are now working towards their very first performance in China. Good luck girls!

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