Actress Anne Heche is back on track

by - 15:12

A long time ago, Anne Heche was a bankable actress with films like Donnie Brasco, Volcano and I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Then came a period when everything she did was wrong. From film projects (Six Days Seven Nights, anyone?) to her personal life (she had a breakdown after ending her relationship with Ellen DeGeneres), Heche was … problematic. But the actress worked hard to get her career back on track – committing 100% to every project she signed on.

There were quite a few projects, too: Ally McBeal, Men In Trees, Hung and Aftermath. Her personal life also took a turn for the better; the mother of two has been in a relationship with fellow actor James Tupper since 2007.

These days, Heche favours smaller films that tell important stories like the recent feature Catfight, in which she plays one of two complicated and flawed characters. The other character is played by Sandra Oh. In an interview with Elle, Heche said: “I want to do work that makes an impact, physically or emotionally.”

With all the ups and downs in her career, Heche, 47, is aware where her career is right now. She mentioned to Indiewire: “You start to be in a kind of universal understanding of what you should be doing and what gets offered to you, because you’ve laid a foundation for who you are. For better or worse! Some people like me and some people don’t. I’m about 50/50, and that’s OK, I’m OK with 50/50. But that 50% starts being how I shape my career.”


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