Rarely-seen David Letterman inducts Pearl Jam into Hall Of Fame

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David Letterman and his colossal beard made a rare public appearance recently in Brooklyn, New York to induct veteran rockers Pearl Jam into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

After a lengthy ovation from the Barclay’s Centre audience, he quipped: “I can’t even begin to tell you what an honour and a privilege it is to be out of the house.”

The retired TV host, now 69, was an 11th hour substitute for Neil Young, who cited an undisclosed illness and couldn’t make the event (“The poor guy just can’t stay up this late,” Letterman teased).

Letterman fondly recalled listening to Pearl Jam, as well as other live acts who performed on the Late Show during his 33-year tenure. “Never take the opportunity for live music for granted and that’s the message I can bring you folks tonight,” he said.

Pearl Jam became a staple on the late-night host’s show on CBS, performing 10 times over the years, including one stint that turned into a 10-song set for the Ed Sullivan Theater crowd in New York. “Every time they were there, they would blow the roof off the place,” Letterman recalled, “and I’m not talking figuratively. They actually blew the roof off the place. For two years I did a show without a roof over the **** theatre.”

Letterman added: “The nice thing about knowing them for as long as I’ve known them – I know them as friends as well as cultural icons. And I would just like to say one day I hope to come back here for the induction for my friend Warren Zevon.” – Reuters/Variety

pearl jam

Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam performing with the band at the ceremony. Photo: Reuters

pearl jam

Pearl Jam Jeff Ament giving his speech at the induction ceremony. Photo: Reuters



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