Love Off The Cuff, a new film starring Miriam Yeung

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First there was Love In A Puff, then came along Love In The Buff and now – the third instalment of the Shawn Yue and Miriam Yeung romantic comedy movies – comes Love Off The Cuff.

The third film explores Cherie (Yeung) and Jimmy’s (Yue) relationship at a stage that is neither new nor old, but one that still carries a complicated status. The couple has been together for four years now; Jimmy has changed a lot from the first time Cherie met him, but there are still some things she is unhappy about him like how he spends money frivolously. This irks her especially as she is trying to save enough money to buy a house together.

On top of Jimmy’s antics, Cherie has to deal with the fact that her father is married to a girl who’s younger than her.

What makes Love Off The Cuff special is how director Pang Ho Cheung invited the franchise’s fans from China, Taiwan and Malaysia to be part of the film. In the production notes provided by Lotus Five Star, Pang said: “These films are just fictional stories, but somehow they’ve become part of people’s lives. Even though organising this took longer than just hiring extras, I was more than happy to do it. Creating a wonderful memory for them was definitely something worth doing.”

love off the cuff

No matter how old you are, getting scolded by your dad is no fun. A scene from Love Off The Cuff.

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