Actor Saharul Ridzwan is nervous about his big role

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Saharul Ridzwan says his unborn baby is just as cheeky as he is.

The 28-year-old actor, who married fashion boutique owner Qaabila Deena Amir last September, is going to be a father soon.

“Sometimes when we’re at home watching a movie, the baby will suddenly move. But when I put my hand on my wife’s belly, he will go quiet and still,” shares the Kuantan-born actor with fondness.

“It’s like playing hide and seek. My baby likes to tease people, just like me.”

Saharul talks about what it’s like stepping into the world of fatherhood at an event in Kuala Lumpur launching Astro’s new Bahasa Malaysia dramas.

“I’m really nervous, my wife is going into her third trimester now,” he reveals. “I’m most concerned especially when she goes into labour. Mother and child will be fighting for their lives. Anything can happen.”

Saharul is readying himself as much as he can for the road ahead, getting as much advice as he can from his parents and in-laws. “Raising a kid is a big responsibility in terms of taking care of their schooling, religious education, diet and health,” he says.

The father-to-be is managing his finances better now in light of this new addition to their family. “Last time, whenever I had money, I would keep buying things, but now, everytime I buy something, I will think about my baby,” he says, adding he naturally heads to the kids’ section of a clothing store when he’s shopping these days.

The baby is due some time in the month of Ramadan. Saharul doesn’t know the baby’s gender, and is fine with the fact so long as he or she is healthy. “My plan is to work, work and work now so when Ramadan comes, I can stop and concentrate on taking care of my wife.”

The actor shot to fame through TV dramas Hati Perempuan and Kau Aku Kita in 2015. Saharul won Best Online Choice Actor at last year’s fan-voted Anugerah Pilihan Online. He will be starring in Arluna next on Astro Prima in May.

On how fatherhood could impact his acting career, he comments: “I’ve played a married or family man before I got married. So after this, if there are opportunities to play a family man, this experience would be a plus because I would’ve gone through it myself.”

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