Which Disney live-action remake is your fave?

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Not all movie remakes, reboots and adaptations are good. In fact, most of them have been disappointing.

So when Disney first announced years ago that it was going to remake one of its most beloved modern animated features, Beauty And The Beast, into a live-action version starring Emma Watson, Dan Stevens and Luke Evans, fans were worried of the outcome.

Previous attempts at remaking Disney classics like The Jungle Book and Cinderella have been less than exciting so there was reason to believe that a live-action Beauty And The Beast would also head in the same direction. (Maleficent was a wonderful surprise, but it was not exactly a remake or reboot of Sleeping Beauty, but more of a “re-imagining”.)

However, based on trailers and featurette clips, it looks like Disney’s new tale as old as time might just please fans of the original and gain millions of new followers, too.

Before you head to watch Beauty And The Beast version 2.0 at the cinemas (it opens March 16 in Malaysia), we want to know: Which Disney live-action remake/reboot released so far is your favourite?

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