Review: The Search For Everything – Wave Two by John Mayer

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Singer-songwriter John Mayer expresses a lot of vulnerability on his latest four-track EP The Search For Everything – Wave Two.

On the opening funk number Still Feels Like Your Man, Mayer sings that he still keeps his former lovers’ items in the bathroom just in case she comes back. It’s a lovely number especially during minute 2:13 where he goes, “still think I’m never gonna find another you”.

Emoji Of A Wave is a slow acoustic guitar track about the difficulties of having a long-distance relationship. It’s sad when he sings, “I been talking to myself/just to hear you”.

Roll It On Home is a sublime country song where Mayer is perhaps advising himself to stop spending too much time at the bar and get over his heartbreak.

john mayer

The Search For Everything – Wave Two will make you feel nostalgic and hopeful for a new beginning at the same time.


John Mayer

The Search For Everything – Wave Two
Sony Music

john mayer

John Mayer says he still feels like your man on latest EP. Photo: Sony Music


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