Review: All Your Fault: Pt 1 by Bebe Rexha

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Love hurts, according to American pop R&B singer Bebe Rexha. Her six-track EP All Your Fault: Pt 1 explores the many pleasures and pain of being in love.

In the opening track Atmosphere, Rexha uses her sultry voice to plead to a lover to stay (“I died for my baby/I’d die for my baby, no lie”). The same theme continues on the electropop dancehall-infused number I Got You where she basically repeats lines from the previous song (“I’d die for you”… again). The definition for “devotion” in the dictionary should now include a photo of Rexha.

On the next track, Small Doses, I can’t help but laugh at the unintended narrative. Now that Rexha has gotten what or who she wants, she proclaims in the explosive chorus that, perhaps, less is more. She sings: “I can only take you in small doses/Loving you it’s explosive, you know this”.

Fortunately, Rexha changes her tune with F.F.F, a song that has to do with love lost among friends. Rexha takes a more aggressive stance (“… fake friends, we don’t need ‘em/I’ve had it up to the ceiling…”) and gets to show some attitude.

bebe rexha

This girl is not going to be in Taylor Swift’s squad and it’s OK.

Bad B***h is also another track that allows Rexha to stand out from oversaturated female pop market. She’s unapologetic and if you want to be her lover, you have to earn it. You go girl.


Bebe Rexha

All Your Fault: Pt 1
Warner Music

bebe rexha

Bebe Rexha says love hurts on her latest EP. Photo: Warner Music


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