What is Wynonna Earp about?

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What becomes immediately obvious when watching Wynonna Earp is the humorous tone that completely embraces not only the series, but also every character.

And it’s most apparent with the title character, played with infectious energy by Melanie Scrofano. The series, which is based on a graphic novel and developed by Emily Andras (Killjoys), tells of Wynonna – the great great-granddaughter of Wyatt Earp – who has inherited his awesome gun and the responsibility to kill demons that have returned from hell.

Wynonna has avoided taking the mantle, but she can’t shrug it off any longer as there are more and more demons appearing!

One of the reasons Scrofano accepted the role in this series is because she wanted to portray a character that can be a role model for female empowerment. “(I thought) if I were a 12-year-old me, I would want to be her. This is who I would look up to. To see that resonate with people, I just find that really touching because really she just came from the most honest place in me … because she’s so much like myself, it’s been really touching,” the actress told ramascreen.com

S1 of Wynonna Earp is available on Netflix.

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