Have you seen Idris Elba as the Pizza Delivery Guy in space?

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Before he played alien warlord Krall in Star Trek: Beyond, Idris Elba was in space for the 1994 British science fiction series Space Precinct. He was credited as “Pizza Delivery Guy”.

This was back when he was struggling to make it as an actor. While going for auditions, Elba worked as a telemarketer and did night shifts at an automotive factory to support himself.

He was only 22 when he got the part in the show created by Gerry Anderson (Thunderbirds) and described it as a “big Hollywood moment” for him. The show was shot at the famed Pinewood Studios in Britain.

“I was dedicated to being an actor. I really wanted to be successful and that job came in. It was a massive surprise,” he shared in an interview in Kyoto, Japan.

Elba was there for his Discovery documentary Idris Elba: Fighter that depicts his journey to be a fighter in a professional kickboxing match.

In Space Precinct, Elba wore a shiny silver space outfit and had two lines (“Sublight pizza! Hey.”). Unfortunately, he couldn’t nail an American accent so his voice was dubbed.

Elba as a pizza delivery man in the 1994 series Space Precinct.

Elba as a pizza delivery man in the 1994 series Space Precinct.

Despite what happened, he had a good laugh remembering the role when it was brought up at this interview. He called it a “good moment”.

Of course, since then, Elba has gone on to bigger and better roles. But, he said nothing has changed from when he played the Pizza Delivery Guy to now.

“I’m still the same guy who is excited about work and appreciative of every opportunity. Of course, my journey now is bigger with more lines.”

If he could go back to Space Precinct, however, he would do things differently.

“I wouldn’t let them change my voice. That’s the only thing I would do. Maybe make it less cheesy as well (laughs).”


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