Running Man to keep on running, after all

by - 14:52

Good news, fans of Running Man! The producers of the hugely popular South Korean variety show, Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS), has announced that the show will go on after all.

Last month, SBS had announced that Running Man will end in February, after actress Song Ji Hyo and singer Kim Jong Kook had initially said they were about to quit the show, amid controversies that the show’s members and the hardships they have had to suffer during the making of the show.

However, SBS released a statement today that the show will not be cancelled after all, and that Kim and Song will continue to be part of Running Man.

The following is an excerpt from the statement:

“Running Man will continue to air with all the members in place!!

“Due to the overwhelming sadness of fans in and outside of Korea over the end of Running Man, SBS and the six members have decided to continue the series.

“SBS Chief of Headquarters Nam Seung Yong, who originally created the show Running Man in 2010, has been meeting with the members since the beginning of the year.

“Through these conversations, he apologised to the members over and over again regarding the incidents that happened during the re-formatting of the show, and the six members agreed to stay on the show.”

Nam also released a separate statement, revealing that it was a very difficult decision to carry on with the show:

“I sincerely thank the members who made the difficult decision to stay on the show. In order to repay the fans who loved and supported Running Man for the last seven years, we will do our best to make Running Man even more enjoyable than it has been.”

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