Movies to catch this Chinese New Year

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It has become something of a tradition to have a film featuring one of the big Hong Kong stars during Chinese New Year.

This year is no different with Jackie Chan delivering Kung Fu Yoga for our consumption. Judging from the trailer, Chan has not lost his humour nor his martial arts skills.

Another promising movie is the sequel to 2013 film Journey To The West: Conquering The Demons, titled Journey To The West: The Demons Strike Back. The film is directed by Tsui Hark, with a script from Stephen Chow (who helmed the 2013 film).

But that’s not all. You are spoilt for choice in the Year of the Rooster with the selection of movies released for the festive season.

New Year Wish

Directed by Lee Sai Yew, this movie tells of a doctor with a heart of gold and a magical healing ability. He notices his seven-year-old daughter has the same ability too.

Complication arises when Dr Liu gets into an accident and falls into a coma. Can his daughter save him even though she has no idea yet how to use her powers? Starring Alan Yuan, Sanny Lee and Debbie Loo.

Chinese new year

Love From Kampung

Love From Kampung

We’ve seen enough ads where children are reminded to visit their parents back home more often. This local Chinese film has a similar concept with even more complicated emotions showcased in it. The parents of three individuals are looking forward to the return of their respective children to their hometown, but once again, these elderly folk are disappointed when each one comes up with an excuse not to balik kampung. So the parents decide to make their way to the city to visit their children so they can celebrate the New Year together. Alas, the children have not been completely truthful to their parents. Directed by Silver Yee, the film stars Jack Lim, Jeff Chin, Emily Chan and January So.

Kung Fu Yoga

Jackie Chan plays a professor of archaeology who goes excavating with a young Indian professor and her assistant to locate the lost Magadha treasure. Co-starring Aarif Rahman, Zhang Yixing, Sonu Sood, Amyra Dastur and Disha Patani.

Chinese new year

Lucky Fat Man

Lucky Fat Man (Feb 2)

Chow Chong Fat (Bob Lam) leads a miserable life: He is either bullied by his wife’s family or being ordered around at his workplace. Then one day, his luck changes when he strikes the lottery. Now his problems are very different as people are scrambling to be nice to him. Co-starring Natalie Tong, Chu Mi Mi, Jacqueline Chong and Lo Hoi Pang.

All My Goddess (Feb 2)

Eileen, Eva, Jia Xin and Ruo Yan worked together as flight attendants. After a long time apart, they meet up when one of them gets married. However, the three single women are caught in a conundrum when the bride runs away, leaving the bridegroom all flustered as the wedding is supposed to be broadcast live. Starring Maggie Cheung, Annie Liu, Michelle Wai, Alex Fong, Louise Cheung and Vincent Kok.

Chinese new year

The Fortune Handbook

The Fortune Handbook (Feb 2)

A Singaporean production starring Christopher Lee, Mark Lee, Li Nanxing and Vivian Lai. Su Fu decides to steal his brother-in-law’s Chinese pastry recipe and sell it to the highest bidder. Well, the God of Fortune is having none of this backstabbing nonsense and decides to teach Su Fu a lesson.

Cook Up A Storm (Feb 10)

Raymond Yip directs Nicholas Tse, Jung Yong Hwa and Michelle Bai in this comedy flick. It centres on two cooks, one a Cantonese street food chef and the other, trained in France. Both take part in an international culinary competition.

However, things come to a boil when they find a common foe and decide to work together.

Journey To The West: The Demons Strike Back

In this sequel, we see a monk trying to understand his three (odd) disciples. Along the way, there is some disciplining going on too. Starring Kris Wu, Ling Gengxin and Yao Chen.

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