Real-life love story on the set of Interchange

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In Dain Said’s Interchange, the characters Adam and Iva are star-crossed lovers who embark on a journey to free souls trapped in antique glass plate negatives. Ultimately, their fate is sealed in tragedy.

In real life, however, Iedil Putra (who plays Adam) and Indonesian actress Prisia Nasution (Iva) found their own happy ending.

The two met for the first time in 2015 on the set of Interchange. Then in June this year, they got married at a resort in West Java, Indonesia.

Although the couple worked together, love only blossomed after they completed shooting. “Whatever attraction then was just between our characters as Adam and Iva,” Prisia, 32, said during an interview in Kuala Lumpur.

However, during the shoot, Prisia was impressed by Iedil’s discipline as an actor and that made it easy for her to develop their on-screen chemistry

Likewise for 32-year-old Iedil: “You know how people are attracted to the good things. So, I guess I was attracted by her dedication as an actress on set.”

When the film wrapped up shooting, Iedil and Prisia kept in touch as friends. Eventually, Prisia admitted to feeling confused by the depth of their friendship: “We started asking ourselves, if this ‘thing’ between us was still about our characters Adam and Iva or had we actually develop feelings for one another?”

Unable to shake off the notion that life was imitating art, Iedil said they decided to take a break from each other to sort out their feelings.

Absence must have made the heart grow fonder. “During the break, I felt like something was missing in my life,” he said.

Both actors then resumed their friendship and it didn’t take long for the relationship to blossom.

Prisia believes that it was meant to be: “We have similar interests. The first time we met, I felt like I’d known him for a long time somehow. It’s just one of those things we can’t explain.”

Due to Interchange’s mythical storyline, the press wanted to know if Iedil experienced anything strange on set. He insisted there was none. “But I did get a wife!” he said with a laugh.


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