Review: Hard II Love by Usher

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There’s a bit of a sombre quality to Usher’s eighth studio release, Hard II Love.

Subtler melodic hooks and sparse instrumentation are employed on many of the songs off his 15-track album, whether it is on the title number which sees him admitting his flaws and shortcomings to his lover (many of the songs have to do with Usher seeking for forgiveness from his lover, much like 2004’s Confessions) or Tell Me, a steamy bedroom number which gets off to a slow start but gradually builds up in the chorus.

It’s one of the album’s strongest tracks actually, with Usher showing off his smooth falsettos, but as it stretches over eight minutes, Tell Me probably won’t be released as a single.

Downtime is possibly the R&B crooner at his most subdued in the album, and unfortunately, sounds rather boring.

The album’s sexy lead single No Limit and Crash are probably the most radio-friendly of the lot. The latter evokes the same gloomy air, but its chorus is an earworm.

If you’re looking for thumping dance tracks in the vein of his previous hits OMG, Scream or Yeah!, there really isn’t much here, which contributes to Hard II Love coming across a little glum as a whole.


Hard II Love

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