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Meet Michael George William … or better known as Mike Lewis, a man who wears many hats.

The 35-year-old is known for his multiple professions; he is an actor, model, TV host, entrepreneur and even a cook.

Born in Japan and raised in Canada, Lewis is the son of a Canadian diplomat and a Chinese-Malaysian mother. He spent most of his life in different parts of the world, making him fluent in languages such as Bahasa Indonesia, English, French and even Chinese.

Based in Jakarta, the 182cm tall charmer is one of Indonesia’s most sought-after actors and models. To date, Lewis has acted in Made In Bali (2014 ), Dead Mine (2012 ) and Suster Ngesot (The Ghost Nurse, 2007); he was recently featured as guest judge in Asia’s Next Top Model.

He is presently featured in Lifestyle Advocates, an original series on Life Inspired (Astro Ch 728). In the show, Lewis uncovers the DNA of Indonesia as he travels across the capital city to catch up with inspirational people from all walks of life. This suits Lewis perfectly, as he professes a love for travelling and tasting different kinds of food around the world.

Besides filming and photo shoots, Lewis has his own entrepreneurial venture. He owns a restaurant in Indonesia called Midtown Bistro and Lounge, which was inspired by his passion for cooking, a skill he learnt from his mum since he was young.

Despite his hectic schedule, Lewis always finds time for the one activity that brings him joy: spending time with his three-year-old son, Kenzou. (Lewis is divorced from Indonesian actress Tamara Bleszynski.)

Lewis is also involved in numerous charity campaigns; his most recent cause was to raise awareness about breast cancer. Being a public figure, Lewis recognises that his clout can be used to benefit the people around him.

From suave to silly, model-actor Mike Lewis is a good sport in front of the camera. — YAP CHEE HONG/ The Star

During his recent visit to Malaysia, Lewis dropped by Menara Star, Petaling Jaya for an interview. When it came time for our photo shoot, Lewis changed into a sharp Lord’s Tailor suit. Using a balloon as prop, he tumbled repeatedly while balancing himself on the ground, proving to be a good sport throughout.

The affable star comes across as more than just a good-looking celebrity; he opens up about his career challenges, parenthood and more.

What have you learned about yourself since you entered this industry?

I have learned so much because I have been doing this since I was 13 which for me means 22 years in this field. That’s a lifetime of learning lessons and adapting. Especially in modelling, everything keeps changing. And in this industry, you have to be hard on people. You’ve got to have a strong inner core and have an adaptable image of yourself.

Describe your profession in five words.

Satisfying, fun, glamorous, non-stop and charismatic.

From suave to silly, model-actor Mike Lewis is a good sport in front of the camera.

Best and worst thing about your profession?

The best part is I’m always moving. I’m constantly travelling, and I get to meet new people. But the downside to it is, you lose connection with some people. I don’t get to spend much time with my family as I work around the clock. But I always loved moving around; I was brought up in such a way as my dad was a diplomat. So, going to different countries and seeing different cities is something that I enjoy.

What or who inspires you in your career?

As a father, having a son inspires and drives me. An actor like Leonardo DiCaprio also inspires me because he involves himself in spreading awareness about climate changes. Leo is a successful actor and he’s doing something impactful by giving back to the people and the world, and that inspires me to do the same.

What do you do in your spare time?

There has not been a day called ‘spare’ or ‘free’ throughout my career. But since I love what I’m doing, I enjoy every moment of it. If I do have any spare time, I would definitely spend it with my family.

What do you spend the most on: clothes or gadgets?

It’s a good balance between gadgets and clothes. Being a public figure, I can’t be seen wearing the same clothes all the time (even if I prefer repeating my favourite outfits), so I have to spend on apparel. And I’m a big fan of Apple products.

What you will be doing in 25 years?

I’ll be really old and probably attending my son’s wedding. I will be cherishing his happy moments and also spending the rest of my lifetime with the love of my life and continuously building the empire that I created.

Do you have a specific fashion preference when working?

I always prefer suit and tie. It’s like my armour, shielding me from bullets.

How do you separate your professional and personal life?

I am very honest with my life and I wear my emotions on my sleeves. There’s no ‘public’ and ‘personal’ … it’s just me. And I find it satisfying being true to myself.

What is your resolution for 2017, if you have any?

To find more time for myself. I’m trying to be more realistic with my resolution because this past year, I spent a lot of time working. So for 2017, I hope I can spend valuable time with the people I love being with.

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