Malaysian singer Zee Avi wins award in Taiwan

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OlaBola continued its winning streak, 10 months after its release, this time, winning the Best Original Song at the 53rd Annual Golden Horse Film Awards on Nov 26.

Collecting the awards at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall in Taipei, Taiwan were singer Zee Avi and songwriter Rendra Zawawi who are responsible for the song Arena Cahaya.

Zee started her acceptance speech in Mandarin before continuing in English: “I thought I was here just to perform the song. Thank you Director Chui for this incredible opportunity. This is an amazing project to be apart of as it is about unity, diversity and harmony, and it is to remind us that we are all the same.”

OlaBola director Chiu Keng Guan and musician Alvin Wee (responsible for the recording, editing, mixing, and mastering for the song) were also in the audience.

Arena Cahaya beat four other nominees, including Faye Wong’s daughter Leah Dou’s (It’s Not A Crime) It’s Just What We Do, which was featured in the movie Soul Mate.

In an interview early this year, songwriter Rendra said when Chiu contacted him to write a song for OlaBola, the director wanted something that imbues timelessness, inspiration and, a sense of unity and hope.

“The mission was for the song to be simple, relatable, memorable, yet achieve the intended spirit of hope and unity. Most important of all, the chorus had to have a killer hook – something people would hum to after (or even better, while …) hearing it,” Rendra said.

OlaBola has earned RM16.67mil at the Malaysian box-office, making it the No. 4 best-earning local film of all time.

In September, the film bagged three awards at the Malaysian Film Festival for Best Costume, Original Song and Score. It also received a Special Jury Award for achievements as a film that promoted unity and family values through sports.

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