Beauty And The Beast trailer is finally released

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The live-action movie Beauty And The Beast, set for release on March 17, 2017, premiered its first full-length trailer on Nov 14.

Starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens (of Downton Abbey fame, in case you were wondering) as the “odd” Disney couple, Beauty And The Beast is just one of the many upcoming live-action films adapted from Disney’s large catalogue of animated feature hits.

Beauty And The Beast is directed by Bill Condon, who directed Chicago.

The trailer pretty much gives us a summary of the classic tale. It starts with the imprisonment of Belle’s father Maurice and goes on to introduce viewers to the Beast and his magical staff at the castle, to the eventual romance between Belle and Beast.

It also features iconic music from the original cartoon, released in 1991.

Luke Evans, star of The Girl On The Train, plays the narcissistic villain Gaston, who eats five dozen eggs and is roughly the size of a barge. The movie also features Kevin Kline as Maurice (Belle’s dad) and Josh Gad as LeFou, while Ian McKellen, Ewan McGregor and Emma Thompson play the voices of Cogsworth, Lumiere and Mrs Potts, respectively.

Beauty And The Beast

Belle and Mrs Potts (and possibly Lumiere) in Beauty And The Beast.

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