5 wow moments from the Wonder Woman trailer

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A new Wonder Woman trailer was released last night, and it’s got us REALLY looking forward to June 2017, when the movie is released.

Gal Gadot is looking better and better in the role with every bit of new footage released, and although it does seem like they’ve revealed a little too much (as usual) in this trailer, it was filled with enough wow moments to make us forget that Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice ever existed.

Here are the five moments that really caught our eye in the trailer:

1) No beach holiday

The trailer starts off in the present, with Diana looking at an old photo of her old war buddies, before flashing back to the time she met Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor, and then moving on to an epic-looking battle between the Amazonians and a troop of soldiers. The ballet-like elegance of the Amazonians is a stark contrast to the brutality of the soldiers, which is amplified when a particularly cool move by an Amazonian ends in a tragedy that clearly scars Diana’s pure heart.

2) Threats and villainy

Amid some vague exposition by Trevor about some weapons that are “far deadlier than we’ve ever seen”, we finally get to see the villains of the movie for the first time, from Elena Anaya’s half-masked mystery woman (we think it might be Circe, one of Wonder Woman’s classic villains) to Danny Huston’s Nazi officer.

Judging from the blur of explosions, fire, and what we can see from the action scenes, these two will probably be Wonder Woman’s main villains in the film.

3) Wonder weaponry

After all that exposition, we finally get to see Diana getting ready for her big journey by getting her sword and shield. But it’s the use of her other weapons, namely the Lasso Of Truth and her Bracelets of Submission, that really caught our attention. One memorable scene is set in an alleyway as Diana saves Steve from a bullet, but the highlight of the trailer is when she walks out of a trench in full costume, then nonchalantly deflects a bullet fired at her with her bracelets.

wonder woman

Now that is a killer accessory, Diana.

4) Sword accessory

We’ve seen this scene in the earlier trailer already, but it bears repeating that although Diana is wearing a stunning blue dress to what seems like a ball, she accessories it with HER SWORD, tucked in the back. Now THAT’S a real killer fashion statement.

5) Lass with a lasso

The trailer finishes with an action-packed montage of various sequences, all of which look cool as heck; but our favourite part is when she uses the Lasso of Truth to fling Huston’s character in the air and then SLAM him down on the ground. It’s a tantalising tease that makes us hope that she’ll be using the lasso A LOT in the actual movie.

wonder woman

Hey bad lady, you might want to get that skin condition checked out.

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