10 must-watch shows on dimsum

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Here are the 10 must-watch Asian shows that are available on the brand new OTT service, dimsum.

Riders: Catch Tomorrow

Let friendship and love warm your heart in this South Korean drama. Kim Dong-wook plays the fresh out of college Cha Ki-joon who has just began his career in a big company. But without much passion for what he does, he soon leaves his job and starts a rickshaw business with his two childhood friends. As the three friends try to get their fledgling business off the ground, they meet their new beautiful employee, played by Lee Chung-ah. What happens when they all fall for her?

High 5 

Fans of Taiwanese boyband Spexial, rejoice! Members Simon and Wes are leading the cast of this basketball drama. Daren’s High School basketball team, which was formed 17 years ago, used to come first in the basketball championship in its early days. They’ve fallen off the ranks since then and have been stuck at 12th place for a while now. The pressure is mounting as the team compete for this year’s tournament. To complicate matters, its team captain injures himself early on in the competition. The team’s gifted newcomer volunteers to take his place, resulting in some tension between the two. Meanwhile, the team has some adjusting to do when the school hires a female sports reporter as its new coach.

Japanese medical series Doctor-X is available on dimsum.

Japanese medical series Doctor-X is available on dimsum.

Doctor-X S4

Japanese medical drama Doctor-X puts a strong female lead at the forefront. Michiko Daimon (Ryoko Yonekura) is a highly-skilled surgeon who’s good at what she does and she knows it. Oh, and, she’s drop-dead gorgeous too. But her confidence rubs people the wrong way when she joins a hospital. She isn’t afraid to criticise the hospital director’s surgical techniques, for instance. Doctor-X, which is now entering its fourth season, sees this beautiful and fashionable doctor proving her capabilities as she takes on one difficult operation after another in each episode. Kei Tanaka and Yuki Uchida co-star. Seasons One to Three are also available.

Wise And Foolish

It’s pretty much a Freaky Friday situation on Japanese series Wise And Foolish. Sho is a university student. His father Taizan is the prime minister of Japan. The two have a strained relationship because of his father’s commitments as the country’s leader. One day, Sho and Taizan mysteriously switch bodies. The son, trapped in his father’s body, has to now lead the country and the father, trapped in his son’s body, has to navigate through life as a university student. Starring Kenichi Endo and Masaki Suda.

A scene from Chinese series Chinese Paladin 5.

A scene from Chinese series Chinese Paladin 5.

Chinese Paladin 5

Gamers will be happy to know that the popular role-playing game Chinese Paladin 5: The Legend Of Sword And Fairy 5 has now been adapted into a TV series. Blessed with superhuman abilities, protagonist Jiang Yun Fan discovers he has super powers because he is the biological son of Jiang Shi Li, the king of the demon kingdom. His father has been locked up for 20 years by the people of Mount Shu and the Four Families, who also happen to be friends of Yun Fan. Will Yun Fan choose to save his father over his friends? Starring Elvis Han and Joe Cheng.

Go! Goal! Fighting!

Former professional football player Mu Qi coaches an underperforming high school team. His intentions aren’t as noble as it appears actually as he’s only doing it so that he can rent the school’s football field at a cheaper price. There, he meets a recently graduated teacher Pei Du who sees Mu Qi as a slacker and detests him. Will the two get along? And what will be the fate of the high school football team? Starring Hu Ge and Maggie Jiang.

Taiwanese series Love By Design is available on dimsum.

Taiwanese series Love By Design is available on dimsum.

Chibi Maruko-chan

The popular Japanese manga series, which chronicles the everyday adventures of a nine-year-old girl, Maruko, has been made into a live action Taiwanese drama. Maruko will be played by Zoey Lin while Fahrenheit’s Jiro Wang will portray Hanawa.

Lost? Me Too

Best friends Claire and Minli once fell for the same guy back in high school. Having Minli’s happiness in mind, Claire took a step back from the relationship. Years later, Claire, now a TV show producer, is introduced by Minli to fellow producer Alan. The two begin working closely together for a new TV programme and they start to fall in love. Minli has feelings for Alan too. This time, though, Claire isn’t letting go of her man, choosing Alan over her friendship with Minli. Did she make the right decision? This Taiwanese web drama stars Tia Lee and Shiou Chieh Kai.

Love By Design

At 34 years old, Li Shu Fen finds herself sacked from her job despite having served her company faithfully for years. Li can’t seem to find another job and has no choice but to take advantage of her youthful looks and pretends to be a 25-year-old rookie taking on an entry level position at a fashion label. But how long can she keep up the charade before someone sees through her? The Taiwanese series, based on the 2011 South Korean series Baby Faced Beauty, is helmed by Malaysian-born director Ker Choon Hooi and stars Allison Lin and Alan Ko.

The Devil Game

Fans of the horror genre, get ready to be spooked by The Devil Game. This Taiwanese web series centres on a group of elementary school friends whose paths have crossed while attending their classmate’s funeral. After the funeral, they each receive a mysterious letter telling them that a student they bullied back in elementary school has turned into a ghost and is seeking revenge, even specifying how each of them will die. This spine-chilling series stars Guo Shu Yao and Li Chung Lin.


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