What do you think of singer Faizal Tahir’s new album cover?

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Anatomi by Faizal Tahir

Anatomi by Faizal Tahir

Singer-songwriter Faizal Tahir has unveiled the cover of his highly-anticipated fourth album Anatomi.

Due to drop Nov 4, Anatomi features 10 songs including previously-released singles like Assalamualaikum and Setia.

The colourful cover posted on the singer’s Instagram account (@faizal_tahir) depicts a shirtless Faizal with wings and a feathered tail, and the words “I Am Faithmen” written on his chest.

iAMFAITHMEN is a charity movement formed by Faizal to provide aid to needy women and children.

There are plenty of easter eggs on the cover as well. So far we’ve spotted the words “Bukan Yang Pertama” on the rocket at the far right corner of the cover, “Setia” spelled backwards, “You’ll Never Walk Alone” possibly alluding to Faizal’s favourite football club Liverpool, and a Malaysian flag, which could be a nod to his song Negaraku.

Faizal, 37, began his career in the local music scene when he was placed first runner-up on the reality show One In A Million in 2006. (Singer Suki Low was the winner).

He won the Anugerah Industri Muzik for Best New Artiste and Best Male Vocal Performance In An Album in 2008. This year, he is up for five AIM awards including Best Male Vocal In A Song (Sejati), Best Duet/Collaboration In A Song (Setia with Elizabeth Tan) and Best Pop Song (Assalamualaikum and Sejati).

Can you see the words Bukan Yang Pertama on the rocket?

Can you see the words Bukan Yang Pertama on the rocket?

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