Two months paternity leave for Wang Lee Hom

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TAIPEI: Taiwan singer Wang Lee Hom announced Thursday through his manager that he and his 27-year-old girlfriend Lee Jing Lei had registered their marriage on Wednesday, reported Taiwan media

Wang Lee Hom announced and his wife Lee Jing Lei welcomes their second child. Photo: Filepic

Congratulations are in order for popular singer-actor Wang Lee Hom! The 40-year-old and wife Lee Jing Lei welcomed their second child last Friday (Oct 7).

“Mom and Baby are both doing well. We’re so happy, excited, and grateful to announce the arrival of our baby daughter Jiana Wang into this world!” Wang wrote on Facebook.

With the arrival of his new child, Wang will be taking a break from work to concentrate on his family.

He announced on his Facebook that he will be taking two months paternity leave: “Two months paternity leave is actually an idea I got from my friend Mark Zuckerberg. If someone that busy can do it, why can’t I?

“Studies show it’s good for building strong family interaction, decreasing postpartum depression and … having been through it once before guys, my two cents is, it’s just an awesome time to bond.”

Wang and Lee married in 2013 and the couple has another daughter born in 2014.

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