The unlikely bromance of Ben Affleck and JK Simmons

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In the Hollywood film The Accountant, the characters played by Ben Affleck and JK Simmons are on a collision course.

Simmons plays an agent with the US Treasury Department on the trail of an independent accountant named Christian Wolff (Affleck), who keeps the books for criminals.

Although the two actors – both Oscar winners – don’t really have many scenes together in the movie, they heap praises for one other. In a transcript provided by Warner Bros, Simmons called Affleck his ideal kind of actor. “He brings a real preparation, commitment and seriousness to the role, but doesn’t take himself too seriously. When you’re in between takes, just waiting for somebody to tweak a light or something, you can sit around and talk about your kids or just human stuff that you have in common. He’s just a good guy to hang out with, which is important when you’re hanging around for 15 hours a day on a movie set,” said Simmons.

Affleck returned the compliment, saying it was a joy to star opposite Simmons. “His character is on this train headed directly for Christian, and that part of the movie had to be carried off with great aplomb. It could very easily have become something that felt trite or extraneous, but JK made it into something elegant and tragic. The way he played it was just beautiful and I was so glad that he was the one doing the heavy lifting with that part. When I watched the movie, I was just blown away by the gravitas of his performance,” shared Affleck. – Mumtaj Begum


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