Review: Paris 12 by Linying

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On this ethereal debut EP, singer-songwriter Linying proves that mystique still has a place on the pop spectrum.

The 21-year-old Singaporean songstress paints this five-track collection with metaphors of lush foliage and towering mountains. But figurative lyricism isn’t Paris 12′s only strongest suit. There’s also the tender haunting melodies.

Opener Sticky Leaves is a multi-layered folk-pop number that builds from a quiet ballad into a blissful electronic high. The production is delicate, yet surreptitiously euphoric – reeling you in with its amplifying tempo as the song progresses.

And it’s this kind of brilliant songcraft that heralds so much promise. Linying has the aptitude for bending atmospheric electronic music – and interspersing it with therapeutic vocal harmonies – to convey mellow heartache.

It’s a template that finally culminates in the beautifully emotional title track. “Don’t be guilty, don’t be brusque, it’s not a thing that you can lose,” she implores over mournful electronic music.

Contemplative and crisp, this EP is a promising effort from a surging songwriter.

paris 12

Singaporean singer-songwriter Linying delivers beautiful atmospheric music on her debut EP, Paris 12. Photo: Linying

Paris 12
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paris 12

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